Project: Compass One Apartment
Customer: Mr. Lu Hoang Minh
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Area: 70 m2
Style: Modern


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A beautiful house with full amenities will always bring a long-term attachment. As well as a happy and peaceful life for the family members.

The interior design of Mr. Lu Hoang Minh’s apartment is delicate in layout and color. The combination is the highlight of the decorations and furniture. The living space becomes impressive, and aesthetic and has a distinct warm beauty.

Thank you Mr. Lu Hoang Minh for trusting and giving On Home Asia the opportunity to accompany him to build his family’s home. Let’s admire more pictures of the interior beauty of the Compass One apartment!


1. Design requirements.

  • Design with modern style, simple but still exudes trendy beauty, and luxury.

  • The bedroom is airy, and space-saving but still comfortable enough.
  • Designed to focus on comfort and warmth for all living spaces.

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3. Interior Space

Based on the wishes, requirements, and living needs of Mr. Hoang Minh’s family. On Home Asia and his family created the interior space of the Compass One apartment with modern, high-class facilities.

Natural wood acts as the main material for household furniture. Creating a rustic beauty, modern but still luxurious and cozy. The warm yellow lights with impressive designs create a special highlight for the space.

The wall of the living room is paved with high-class stone that is both suitable for feng shui meaning and creates prosperity. Making your home space luxurious, classy, and bright with a unique way.

2.1. Design Image.

2.2. Realistic Image.

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4. Customer reviews.

Lu Hoang Minh’s family expressed their satisfaction with the interior design of On Home Asia. On Home Asia not only brings a cozy and comfortable home space, just as the family wishes.

On Home Asia’s consulting and service process and service are also very pleasing to his family. He thanked On Home Asia for accompanying his family to create a wonderful home.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Linh

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