Project: Compass One Apartment
Customer: Ms. Thu Hoai
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 57.66m2
Style: Modern

Only a few more days until the new year, but On Home Asia still tries to complete and hand over the furniture to Ms. Thu Hoai. This is also the last interior project that On Home Asia hands over before the new year.

The interior of the 2-bedroom apartmentat Compass One uses neutral colors as the main color, the highlight is blue details that make the overall space more attractive.

1. Picture handing over furniture to Ms. Thu Hoai’s family

Handing over Compass One furniture, Ms. Thu
Handing over furniture to Ms. Thu Hoai

2. Usage of the apartment

  • 1 living room
  • 2 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, 1 small bedroom)
  • 1 kitchen
  • 2 WC (1 common toilet and 1 master bedroom WC)

3. Details of each space in the apartment

3.1. Living room interior

The highlight for the space is the curtains and shelves on the TV using blue to create an impressive look for the house. An ash gray sofa set with a beautiful small wooden coffee table.

living room space compass one sister Thu Hoai
Compass One living room space

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3.2. Kitchen interior

The kitchen corner is designed in an L-shape in accordance with the structure of the apartment. The kitchen cabinet system is made of high-quality materials, An Cuong wood board, a reputable industrial wood production unit today.

the kitchen space of compass one apartment sister thu Hoai
Modern kitchen space

3.3. Master bedroom interior

Furniture in the bedroom is also selected with high-quality materials from reputable units in the market. The highlight is the blue used for the dressing table and bedside tab.

bedroom furniture master compass one sister thu hoa
Interior of Master bedroom in Compass One apartment

3.4. Small bedroom space

All furniture is made of solid wood planks, so the quality is guaranteed. The wardrobe is designed with a full ceiling and uses sliding doors to save space

small bedroom interior design compass one Ms. Thu Hoai
Compass One apartment’s small bedroom interior
small bedroom furniture compass one Ms. Thu Hoai
A lovely little table is placed right by the window

4. Conclusion

Hoai’s 2-bedroom apartment interior design with all interior details of the apartment such as beds, cabinets, shelves are made from An Cuong wood plank, an extremely reputable industrial wood production unit. The current.

On Home Asia is very happy to have accompanied her family.