Project: Compass One apartment
Client: Mr. Tuan
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 68m2
Style: Modern

Recently, On Home Asia has just handed over a 2-bedroom apartment to Mr. Tuan’s family. With the development and bustle of Binh Duong today, the demand for housing rentals is no longer strange. And so does Mr. Tuan’s family.

The interior of this apartment will bring a living space with a modern style, with the main color being white to create sophistication for the house. On Home Asia firmly believes that this design will bring great experiences to his family as well as his family’s customers.

1. Customer’s design requirements.

Although it is designed for rent, Uncle Tuan is very meticulous about every detail, not merely designing and then giving it to tenants.

  • The design ensures each space, optimizing the function for each space.
  • Use bright colors, bring a sophisticated, modern look.
  • Fully equipped for each space but still save space for the house.
  • Ensure ventilation for the house, with natural light distribution.

2. Picture of handover of 2-bedroom apartment interior

Handing over Compass One apartment with 2 bedrooms - Mr. Tuan
Handing over the furniture of the 2-bedroom apartment to Mr. Tuan’s family

3. Overall of the apartment.

The interior design of the 2-bedroom apartment at Compass One, limiting the partitions between spaces. Create a fairly spacious and airy space.

Overview of Compass One living room space with 2 bedrooms - Mr Tuan
Overview of the interior of Compass One apartment 2 bedrooms

4. Usability.

  • 1 living room combined with dining room
  • 2 bedrooms (1 Master bedroom, 1 small bedroom)
  • 1 kitchen
  • 2 WC

5. Details of each space in the apartment.

From colors to the furniture, each space is carefully selected to match the overall look of the apartment.

5.1. Fresh living room interior design

A smoky gray sofa is arranged in the living room to create a focal point for the room. This will be commonplace for family members. A perfect combination of a lovely small coffee table with a surface made of glass that is easy to clean during cleaning.

Interior design of living room Compass One 2 bedrooms
Interior for living room in 2 bedroom apartment

5.2. Kitchen with modern design

The kitchen is designed in an I-shape to save space but still ensure functionality. Create convenience and comfort for users.

kitchen interior design compass one 2 bedrooms
The interior design of the kitchen in the shape of the letter I

A wooden dining table is arranged between the living room and the kitchen.

compass one 2 bedroom apartment dining set
Dining table is made of wood

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5.3. Master bedroom furniture.

This is the largest bedroom in the apartment because it has a built-in bathroom. A bed with a blue sheet has created a highlight for the room in the middle of the main white space.

bedroom interior design master compass one 2 bedrooms
Master bedroom interior design

Master Compass One bedroom interior 2 bedrooms

Master bedroom furniture

5.4. Interior design for children’s bedroom.

Although the area is small, it still ensures full furniture for the room. The room is highlighted by a wall with blue polka dots and some canvas paintings with funny images suitable for children.

Interior design of a child's bedroom for a 2-bedroom compass one apartment
Interior design for children’s bedroom


A design with simple colors seems to be nothing outstanding. But with creative ideas from On Home Asia’s design team, it has created a very comfortable apartment, full of functions from the interior of the house. At the same time, meet the rental needs of customers.

And if you need interior design and construction, remember to contact On Home Asia immediately!

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