Project: Compass One apartment
Customer: Ms. Cam Hang
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 70,38m2
Style: Modern

On Home Asia has just handed over the interior of Compass One apartment to Ms. Cam Hang. The design has a harmonious color layout, the division of each area is very reasonable, and there are many trees to bring a fresh natural atmosphere to the house.h cho căn nhà.

1. Design requirements.

  • The design is simple but delicate, elegant, arrange more trees to create accents for the house.
  • Use soft colors, deep colors create a feeling of comfort.
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom

2. Compass One apartment floor plan.

The floor plan of the apartment family compass one sister Cam Hang
Floor plan of 2 bedroom apartment of Ms. Cam Hang.

3. Details of each area in the apartment

3.1. Living room area.

The living room is arranged with a long gray sofa set with a lovely small wooden coffee table. An ideal place for you to sip a cup of tea, or read your favorite books, is an ideal place for you to relax.

sofa set for living room apartment interior compass one Ms. Cam Hang
A very relaxing and soothing living room space.

3.2. Kitchen space.

The kitchen space is designed to connect with the living room and is separated by the dining table, this is a design trick to help expand the space of your apartment. The kitchen is designed in a very spacious L-shape to help you feel comfortable during cooking.

compass one apartment interior dining table
The dining table divides the living room and the kitchen.
Compass one apartment kitchen furniture
Kitchen area.
Interior design of compass one apartment kitchen interior design, Ms. Cam Hang
Kitchen interior with multi-function cabinets.

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3.3. Master bedroom interior.

Bedroom furniture is designed simply but still creates sophistication for the room. The wardrobe is designed with a full ceiling combined with a sliding door to save space. m diện tích.

interior of the master bedroom of the compass one apartment, Ms. Cam Hang
Master bedroom.
master bedroom apartment interior compass one
Master bedroom interior design.

3.4. Bedroom interior design.

The bedroom furniture has a wardrobe, a bed and a desk next to the window.

small bedroom apartment interior compass one
Small bedroom interior.
interior small bedroom apartment compass one
Small bedroom interior design.

4. Conclusion.

Even though it’s apartment interior design is for rent but Ms. Hang is still very invested in fully furnished. She wants her customers to just bring their suitcases and move in right away. No need to worry about furniture anymore. And if you are looking for an apartment like this to rent, please contact On Home Asia immediately!

Thank you for your interest in the article.