Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Ms. Thanh Mai
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Area: 79.48 m2
Phong cách: Luxury
The interior of Sora Gardens 2 Ms. Thanh Mai, is a harmonious combination of materials and layout. Creating a distinct aura, both with a liberal appearance and a luxurious sophistication typical of the Luxury style.
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1/ Design Requirements

  • The interior design of the apartment with a modern and luxurious Luxury style
  • Use gray tones to make a difference
  • Enhance personalization, keep the same daily routine for the whole family

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Interior quote

2/ Video of Sora Gardens 2 bedroom apartment Interior

Take a look at more interior of Sora Gardens apartment, please.

3/ Interior space of the apartment

Sora Gardens apartment uses gray and white tones with a modern direction, the materials chosen are those with glossy surfaces, enough sophistication and quality to create a distinct impression for the family’s nest. .

The function rooms are designed separately based on the living habits of the members, creating comfort while ensuring enough comfort and aesthetics for a harmonious whole.

4. Actual image of Sora Garden II apartment interior.

4.1 Living room.

4.2. The Kitchen.

4.3. Master bedroom.

4.4. Small bedroom.

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5/ Customer reviews

Ms. Thanh Mai - Sora Gardens 2 apartment
Ms. Thanh Mai on the day of handing over interior

I like gray very much because, in my opinion, it is both luxurious and special. Before that, I worried that a gray interior would make the whole house look dark.

But I am very happy because when you consult and design, you have shown me that gray when combined and used just enough, still makes the space airy and beautiful. Especially luxurious, very pleasing to her.

5/ Designer’s review

Designer Khanh Hoa

Each home that is completed and handed over to the customer is always a joy and pride for a designer like me.

Thank you Ms. Thanh Mai for trusting and accompanying On Home Asia during the past time.

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