Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Ms. Bich Hanh
Designer: VĨ Phong
Area: 79.85 m2
Style: Modern

On Home Asia always considers the needs and actual feelings of customers as a top priority. May not need to be too magnificent, extravagant. Sometimes the furniture is just enough, decorated appropriately, creating a feeling of comfort and warmth, then it is a separate home for each family.

Let’s see what’s special about Sora Gardens apartment 2 of Mrs. Bich Hanh!

1/Design requirements

  • Minimalist but still comfortable for the whole family
  • Warm and gentle colors
  • Chú trọng vào căn bếp hiện đại, tinh tế

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Interior quote

2/ Video of Sora Gardens construction progress

Please take a look at more designs and other actual works of the Sora Gardens project.

3/ Interior Space

Color in an interior space is an extremely important factor, to create a distinct shade. Warm colors will create a soothing living space. Create a cozy feeling with a familiar, close family atmosphere.

And this interior design has partly revealed the sense of belonging that we are always looking for.

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Interior estimate4/ Customer Feedback

Sora apartment of Ms. Bich Hanh

Everyone needs a place of their own, she likes the feeling of warmth and familiarity. That helps her feel comfortable and secure after tiring working hours.

Although Sora Gardens 2 apartment is simple, it brings the family feeling that she always aims for. She thanked On Home Asia for building a comfortable and cozy home with her family.

5/ Design Inspiration

4/Design Inspiration of Mr. Vi Phong

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