Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Ms. Linh Phuong
Designer: Manh Cuong
Area: 86.31 m2
Style: Modern
Instead of chasing big things, let’s slow down and see what happens, happiness has been with us for a long time. A small nest carrying the warm breath of family, feeling a hot meal under the soft yellow light, this is also the art of enjoyment called happiness.
On Home Asia is very honored to be trusted and entrusted by Ms. Linh Phuong, accompanying her to experience the joy of welcoming a new home.

1. Design requirements.

  • Modern design with soft lines.
  • Furniture that integrates many functions and modern equipment.
  • Construction design area: Living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom.

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2/Video review of the actual interior of the Sora Gardens project

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3. Interior space of the apartment.

The apartment is designed with a modern room with soft lines, creating an extremely cozy space. The furniture is integrated with many modern functions and equipment.

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4/ Design Inspiration

4. Actual image of Sora Garden II apartment interior.

4.1. The Kitchen.

4.2. The Living room

4.3. The Bedroom.

5. Linh Phuong’s Feelings.

Interior of Ms. Linh Phuong's apartment

Ms. Linh Phuong is very satisfied with what On Home Asia brings. The interior of the apartment is designed according to her wishes. A cozy space with soft lines. Thank for the support of On Home Asia

6. Design inspiration.

Designer Mạnh Cường

Manh Cuong is the main designer for Phuong’s apartment. He closely followed and supported her from concept to construction. Ms. Phuong requested to design the interior in a modern style with soft lines. And Mr. Cuong has created a very warm space according to her wishes.

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