Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Mrs. Thuy Van
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Area: 120 m2
Style: Modern

At the beginning of 2021, Ms. Thuy Van was handed over the raw apartment from the investor, at the same time she was also looking for a unit to design and construct the interior of her apartment. And very lucky to be introduced by a friend to On Home Asia’s apartment interior design and consulting service – design and construction.

After handling her work at the company, she immediately contacted On Home Asia so that she could exchange and advise on making furniture for her apartment. During 2 weeks of working with On Home Asia’s design department, she immediately received the design of a 1-bedroom apartment according to her personalization.

On Home Asia invites you to follow the design of Ms. Thuy Van’s apartment, see if there are any impressive and special details inside the apartment!

1. Design requirements of Ms. Thuy Van.

  • Thuy Van likes warmth, so she chose a modern style.
  • The use of neutral colors has helped the space become more perfect.
  • Design area: living room, kitchen, bedroom.

2. Video review of 1 bedroom apartment interior.

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3. Area details in the apartment.

3.1. The living room’s interior.

By using neutral colors, the space becomes warm and sophisticated. In addition to using color gamut, interior materials are designed and constructed with An Cuong wood.

The living room walls are all used wallpaper with cement colors to help the space have accents and a more natural feeling. The living room sofa is used with imitation leather simile to create a feeling of softness and softness when sitting and chatting in the living room.

Immediately recognizable, the living room coffee table uses a tempered glass panel on the table to make it convenient to use and clean. In addition, the interior of the apartment has a decorative cabinet system of the living room designed according to her wishes, allowing her to make bookshelves and compact objects on the shelves.

Nội thất phòng bếp.

In order to maximize the kitchen space in her apartment, she has a few wishes as follows. As for the design, Ms. Van wants to design with a full-ceiling kitchen cabinet system to help maximize the use of the kitchen space. In addition, she likes to have a system of cabinets with many compartments so that she can store and store utensils in the kitchen.

Regarding the dining table wall, she likes to have a large mirror to help create the back dimension and spaciousness for the entire space, reducing the clutter of the kitchen space. The dining table is simply designed with a 4-seater dining table set to maximize the use of the product.

3.3. Bedroom interior.

Bedroom interior design is used with 3 colors as cement gray – light yellow-red to create a warm and gentle feeling for the bedroom space. The bed is designed with many pull-ups on the side of the bed to increase the storage capacity of clothes or compact products.

The wardrobe system is designed with a full ceiling to help the ability to use and store things more neatly. In addition, the decorative cabinet system is integrated with the wardrobe system, making it convenient to decorate furniture.

3.4. Warehouse area.

The storage room of this apartment is very small, so I want to design a decorative shelf to store personal items. There is also a shoe cabinet inside to make storage more convenient. The simple and compact ottoman is designed to maximize the use of the product.

warehouse area

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4. Customer reviews.

Handing over the interior of Ms. Thuy Van's apartment

Ms. Thuy Van feels very satisfied with the service that On Home Asia provides. The company’s service for her is very professional and responds to her wishes very thoughtfully and quickly.

That’s why she believes in On Home Asia when collaborating to complete the interior of her apartment.

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa

Khanh Hoa is the one who comes up with ideas and concepts based on her wishes and is the main designer for this design. She feels satisfied when she has helped Ms. Thuy Van fulfill her wish. When designing and constructing, Ms. Khanh Hoa watched and observed every detail for this apartment.

Therefore, the interior of the apartment from design to reality is the same and makes the space quite spacious and airy. With each space combined with harmonious colors, Thuy Van feels very lucky and confident when choosing On Home Asia as the interior of her apartment.

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