Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Client: Mr. Cong Khanh
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Acreage: 94,29m2
Style: Scandinavian

Sora Gardens II is a known that project has a lot of potentials and is expected handover in June Owning an apartment with full amenities and impressions, you must invest in designing for yourself an apartment suitable for your living space.

Mr. Cong Khanh’s family is no exception. He has found a suitable design for himself so that when the project has just been handed over, he can build and move in right away. And On Home Asia is very happy to be chosen by Mr. Do not trust and choose as a design unit.

1. Customer’s design requirements.

  • Designed with Scandinavian style, minimalist each space, with full amenities.
  • Use white as the main color.
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, bedroom.

2. Apartment floor plan.

sora gardens apartment plan 3 bedrooms model z2

3 Details of each area.

Không gian phòng khách.

The wall is divided into 2, one side is covered with paint to create a very unique color effect, the other side uses wooden slats. This, makes the wall become more novel.

sofa set living room interior 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z2
Sofa in living room

The TV shelf is designed simple and delicate with a wall-mounted design so that you can display your items.

TV shelf living room 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z2
Interior view from the living room towards the kitchen

From the living room, you can watch from the balcony where the family gathers and chats together.

living room space of sora gardens 3 bedroom apartment model z2
Living room facing the balcony
sofa living room apartment sora gardens 3 bedrooms model z2
Living room space

Nội thất phòng bếp.

The kitchen space is designed in an L-shape with a full-ceiling kitchen cabinet system that can store many items and food in the house.

Round dining table designed according to Mr. Khanh’s taste. This round table will make it easier for members to talk to each other.

interior space nahf 3-bedroom apartment sora gardens model z2
The kitchen space is full of cozy amenities

The shoe cabinet is designed right next to the door to make it more convenient and is arranged with a mirror so that you can point out the page before going out.

shoe cabinet interior 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z2
The shoe cabinet is located right at the door

3.3. The interior design of the master bedroom.

The bedroom has a window that allows you to look around on the front of your bed. A room designed according to your preferences will help you feel comfortable and get a better night’s sleep.

interior of the master bedroom 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens
Master bedroom space
interior design master bedroom 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens
Master bedroom interior

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3.4. Bedroom space.

A room with soft, elegant colors. Wall mounted dressing table helps save space.

bedroom furniture 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z2
Small bedroom space is light and relaxing
bedroom interior 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z2
bedroom interior


3.5. Small bedroom interior.

small bedroom furniture 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z2
Compact bedroom space, suitable for children
small bedroom interior sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment
Small bedroom furniture

4. Conclusion.

Interior of 3-bedroom apartment with modern design brings modern beauty to create a gentle Thai space On Home Asia always wants to create personalized designs for its customers. This design is suitable for families with 5-6 members.

Thank you for your interest in the article.