Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Client: Mrs. Cam Tien
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 73,04m2
Style: Modern

At the beginning of the anti-epidemic period in 2021, Ms. Cam Tien’s family received a rough apartment from the investor. During that process, she searched and asked many of her friends and found out about On Home Asia – a design consultancy and interior construction unit in Binh Duong.

When contacting the company, Ms. Tien expressed her wishes and orientation to design her apartment to the design department. During the exchange and implementation process, Mrs. Tien received her design within 2 working weeks. Mrs. Tien likes the interior of her apartment to be fully furnished and to be designed in a Luxury style to make the interior more luxurious and sophisticated.

To learn more about this design, On Home Asia invites you to stay tuned for more ideas when it comes to the interior design of apartments in this Sora Gardens II project!

The 360-degree image of the interior of the apartment of Ms. Cam Tien’s family – Sora Gardens 2 project

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1. Design requirements of Mrs. Cam Tien.

  • Mrs. Cam Tien’s family likes luxury and sophistication, so she chose a Luxury style for her apartment.
  • The use of bright colors and accents is decorated with golden lines to make the space more impressive.
  • Design area: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom.

Sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment floor plan, Mrs. Cam Tien

2. Video review of the interior of a 2 bedroom apartment.

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3. Area details in the apartment.

3.1. The living room’s interior.

The large sofa set is used with velvet fabric to create a feeling of softness and luxury when designing the interior of your apartment. Not only that, the tea table is used electrostatic paint to make the surface of the tea-table legs firm and safe to use. Coffee table stone surface uses high-quality stone that is easy to clean and clean when there are stains.

Not only sofa but decorative cabinets are also designed with An Cuong wood material, adding sophistication and elegance. The living room wall was designed according to her wishes. The PVD-plated stainless steel moldings of the wall added to the inherent elegance of the living room space.

Nội thất phòng bếp.

Mrs. Cam Tien uses An Cuong wood veneer for the entire kitchen cabinet system, including the upper kitchen cabinet system, the lower kitchen cabinet system. The full-ceiling kitchen cabinet system helps maximize the function. Increase the storage capacity of the kitchen. This kitchen cabinet is designed with many compartments to make it easier to store utensils in the kitchen

Instead of using glass kitchen tiles, she used white porcelain stone with veins to increase the elegance of the kitchen space. The dining table legs of this space are electrostatically painted, the stone surface is round to make it safe to use and safe for children.

Decorative lights are installed very special, can change color into four different colors, making the space more shimmering and colorful.

3.3. Bedroom interior.

Bedroom interior design is used luxurious materials and designs. Every perfect design line makes Mrs. Cam Tien extremely satisfied and excited. The bed is designed and uses velvet material on the side of the bed to create a feeling of softness and lightness for you.

The unique feature of this space is the wardrobe system combined from An Cuong wood plank and tea glass. Not only that, the full-ceiling wardrobe is equipped with LED lights to help increase the lighting ability, highlighting the entire space.

The simple design of the desk combined with the decorative cabinets has made the space fresh and more impressive for the bedroom.

Small bedroom design is simple and suitable for children. Laminate the bedroom wall is designed with a unique design. Wardrobe system combined with a desk

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4. Customer reviews.

Handing over the interior to Mrs. Cam Tien's family

Mrs. Cam Tien’s family feels lucky to have On Home Asia enthusiastically take care of and support her to complete the interior of her apartment. It can be realized that what Mrs. Cam Tien wants, the design department always updates and completes quickly, meeting her wishes.

Mrs. Cam Tien is satisfied with the interior. The products that On Home Asia bring are high quality and fully meet her expectations when she expressed them to the design department. The design and customer care department always monitors and synthesizes her wishes quickly.

Her family always gives the On Home Asia team compliments, encouragement and trusts the company to carry out this project.

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa

Khanh Hoa is the one who came up with ideas and concepts based on Mrs. Cam Tien’s wishes and is the designer for this design. For this apartment, Ms. Khanh Hoa has spent all her time and dedication to complete the perfect way for Ms. Cam Tien’s apartment.

In the process of exchanging and completing the interior, Ms. Khanh Hoa always monitors the details from the drawing to the reality to help the interior of the apartment be accelerated and handed over on time. Therefore, the actual interior and the drawing are 95% similar, making the interior more airy and spacious for Mrs. Cam Tien’s family.

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