Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Ms. Kim Ngan
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Area: 82,8 m2
Style: Modern

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1. Request apartment design.

  • Modern design
  • Impressive blue and pink tones.
  • Design area, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom.

2. Details of each area

The interior design of the living room of Sora Gardens 2 apartment is designed in a modern style and the impressive use of colors has brought a living space to become airy and comfortable for you when entering.

The kitchen interior is designed in the form of an L-shaped kitchen, efficient use and layout of space have brought comfort when entering this L-shaped kitchen. Therefore, the use of this space and the appropriate layout of the kitchen interior have enhanced the aesthetics and sophistication of the house.

Bedroom interior is designed and used in pink and blue colors. Not only that, each space has its characteristics, from the interior layout to the color selection, all exude lightness and ventilation when entering this room.


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3. Conclusion

With Sora Gardens apartment interior design – 2 bedrooms, designed by On Home Asia and dedicated to ideas and color schemes to highlight the space more. Hopefully with this design will be able to decorate your living space.

Thanks for your interest in this article. If you need advice or cost estimates when designing an interior. Please contact On Home Asia immediately!


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