Project: Sora Gardens Apartment
Client: Mrs. Cam Phung
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 69,7m2
Style: Modern

On Home Asia is very happy to do interior for Mrs. Cam Phung’s apartment. Recently, On Home has also completed and handed over the interior to her family.

The interior design of the apartment with bright colors is suitable for her taste. With a love of natural colors, I want to blend in with nature in my own home.

1. Design requirements

  • Design style: modern, minimalism ensures the function of each interior.
  • Use natural colors to create an airy feeling in the apartment
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, and 2 bedrooms.

2. Pictures of interior handover to Mrs. Cam Phung

handing over interior to Mrs. Cam Phung

3. The utility of the apartment

The overall plan of Mrs. Phung's Sora apartment

  • 1 living room combined with dining room
  • 1 kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms (1 large bedroom, 1 small bedroom)
  • 2 WC

4. See each space of the apartment

4.1. Bright living room interior design

The living room space is combined with the dining room to save space for the house. At the same time, it helps to expand the space. Add a few trees to add a bit of nature to your taste.

living room interior of Mrs. Phung's sora
Living room combined with dining room

A dining table with luxurious colors and designs creates accents for space, making the room more elegant and elegant.

Dining set in Mrs. Phung's Sora
A luxurious dining set creates a highlight for space

4.2. Modern and luxurious kitchen space

The kitchen space is extremely luxurious with every meticulous and delicate design. Harmonious color combination, suitable for the whole house.

Kitchen space in Mrs. Phung's Sora apartment
The living room space has a modern and luxurious beauty

The kitchen bar set adds a modern look to the kitchen, adding a few canvas paintings on the smoky gray wall.

kitchen interior of Mrs. Phung's sora
Kitchen bar in the kitchen space

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A shoe cabinet is arranged opposite the door, convenient for homeowners.

shoe cabinet in Ms. Phung's Sora apartment
Shoe cabinet with modern and comfortable design

4.3. Large bedroom interior with bright colors

The colors in the room are harmoniously coordinated, the bed next to the window helps to catch natural light easily. An extremely relaxing space, gentle, creating a good night’s sleep for homeowners.

big bedroom interior of Mrs. Phung's Sora
Large bedroom space

4.4. Unique small bedroom interior design

A room with a combination of different color arrays, creating uniqueness for the room. But not being alone, still in harmony with the whole house. Very suitable for your baby.

small bedroom interior of Mrs. Phung's Sora apartment
Small bedroom space
wardrobe in small bedroom Mrs. Phung's sora
A wardrobe with a unique design is not monotonous

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5. Conclusion

The interior design of the 2-bedroom apartment with bright colors creates a relaxing and gentle space when entering the house. Everything seems to be very simple, but with the creativity of the On Home Asia design team, it has created a design that captivates the viewer.

On Home Asia is very happy to accompany Mrs. Cam Phung to create the perfect home for her family.

Thank you for your interest in this article.