Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Ms. Hong Nhung
Designer: Vi Phong
Area: 79.48 m2
Style: Modern

Modern Interior style is always a safe choice, easy to use, and rarely goes out of fashion. That beauty is fully located in Ms. Hong Nhung’s Sora Gardens 2 apartment.

After much consideration, this lovely customer of On Home Asia is still convinced by the scientific and trendy beauty of modern style. Take a look at this beautiful design!

1/Design requirements

  • The interior design is streamlined, easy to use, and not too picky.
  • The decor is just right, and the accent is right.
  • Use warm, soothing shades.

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Interior quote 2/ Sora Gardens interior video

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3/ Interior space.

Each interior design is a distinct nuance according to the actual needs of each family. A bit of simplicity, streamlining, modernity, and comfortable are the outstanding features of this Sora Gardens 2 interior design. Not fussy but still eye-catching and good-looking.

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Interior estimate

Design Inspiration

4/Design Inspiration of Mr. Vi Phong

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