Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Customer: Ms. Hong Nhung
Designer: Vi Phong
Area: 79.48 m2
Style: Modern

Modern Interior style is always a safe choice, easy to use, and rarely goes out of fashion. And this lovely guest of On Home Asia gshared that after much consideration, she is still convinced by the scientific and trendy beauty of the Modern Interior style.

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1/Design requirements

  • Interior design is streamlined, easy to use and not too picky
  • Moderate decoration, appropriate accents
  • Use warm, soothing shades

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Interior quote 2/ Sora Gardens interior video

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3/ Interior Space

Each interior design is a distinct nuance according to the actual needs of each family. A bit of simplicity, streamlined, modern, and comfortable are the outstanding features of this Sora Gardens 2 interior design. Not fussy but still eye-catching and good-looking.

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4/ Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

4/Design Inspiration of Mr. Vi Phong

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