Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Khách hàng: Mr. Doanh
Designer:Tong Khanh Linh
Area: 69,7m2
Style: Indochine

Located in a prime location with development potential, the Sora Gardens II project has attracted many people. Owning such a high-class apartment, someone will invest in renting it to someone who chooses to be their ideal living place. And Mr. Doanh chose this place as his place to live. Before the project was handed over, he quickly found a design unit to come up with design ideas for his apartment, fortunately On Home Asia was that unit. Please take a look at the interior design of Mr. Doanh’s apartment!

1. Customer’s design requirements.

  • The interior design of the apartment with Indochine style is a combination of two cultures of the East and the West.
  • The equipment is designed with the most rustic, rustic and minimalist beauty.
  • Design area: living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet.

2. Apartment floor plan.

Floor plan of 1 bedroom apartment Mr. Doanh
Apartment floor plan.

3. Details of each area.

3.1. The living room’s furniture.

Interior of the living room of Sora Gardens 2 apartment Mr. Doanh
The living room space is extremely spacious and airy when there are no walls between each area.
Living room interior of Sora Gardens II apartment
The two cultural features of the East and the West are expressed through each design feature of each furniture.
Interior design of the living room of Sora apartment
Living room space.

3.2. Kitchen area.

Sora Gardens 2 apartment kitchen interior
The kitchen is designed in the shape of an I with cabinets made of high quality materials.
Sora Gardens II apartment interior kitchen
Kitchen interior design.

3.3. Bedroom space.

Bedroom interior of Sora Gardens apartment
The room is designed with the beauty of ancient design.
Interior bedroom of Sora Gardens II apartment
Every piece of furniture from the dressing table, TV shelf to the bed has the design lines of old Vietnam.
Interior of Sora Gardens II apartment
A corner of the house is designed as a space for clothes and personal items.

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Sora Gardens II apartment interior toilet
Pattern details on the wall are unique in Indochine design style.
Interior design of Sora Gardens II apartment
Space imbued with ancient Vietnamese identity.

4. Conclusion.

The interior design of the apartment with Indochine style creates a space that is both luxurious and modern. When there is a combination of Eastern and Western cultures, between old and modern designs. Each design of On Home Asia is based on the preferences and requirements of customers. Thank you for your interest in the article. If you love this design, please contact On Home Asia immediately! We will bring your own design.