Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Client:Mr. Ngoc Thanh
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Acreage: 88,63m2
Style: Modern

Interior of Sora Gardens II apartmentwith modern design brings elegant beauty suitable for today’s life. All are designed and arranged to collect requests and preferences of Mr. Ngoc Thanh.

1. Design requirements.

  • Design a modern, sophisticated design style, optimizing indoor furniture
  • Use neutral colors
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, bedroom

2. Apartment floor plan.

sora gardens apartment floor plan 2 bedroom model y6
Floor plan of the apartment

3. Details of each area.

Không gian phòng khách.

The living room space is designed in a modern style connected to the kitchen space and separated by a rectangular dining table. The living room is arranged with an L-shaped sofa combined with a tea table with a new and impressive design.

interior of sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y6
Panoramic view of the living room and the kitchen
living room space of 2 bedroom apartment model y6
Living room interior
sofa living room interior 2 bedroom apartment model y6
L shaped living room sofa set

Nội thất phòng bếp.

The kitchen is designed in an L-shape suitable for the apartment structure. The LED system is arranged appropriately to provide light during the cooking process.

Sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment kitchen furniture model y6
Cozy and comfortable kitchen space
interior of 2 bedroom apartment sora gardens model y6
Apartment interior
dining table and interior kitchen of sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y6
Panoramic view of kitchen interior

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3.3. Master bedroom interior design.

The bedroom is designed next to the balcony that can receive natural light so the room space becomes more airy. The wall at the head of the bed is designed with wooden slats to make the space more prominent

master bedroom interior 2 bedroom apartment model y6
The wardrobe is designed parallel to each other at the request of Mr. Thanh, can hold many clothes.

Master bedroom interior design

master bedroom interior of sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y6
Thiết kế nội thất phòng ngủ master

3.4. Bedroom interior.

The bedroom with pastel colors creates a cute, gentle space and is very suitable for girls. small bedroom furniture 2 bedroom apartment model y6

Small bedroom furniture

4. Conclusion.

This Sora Gardens II apartment design is very suitable for families with 3-4 members. Colors and interior layout are all harmoniously combined for each area to create a personalized design for the customer.

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