Project: Sora Gardens Apartment
Customer: Ms. Hong Linh
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Acreage: 94,29m2
Style: Modern

If you are looking for a design for a 3-bedroom Sora Gardens 2 apartment, this article is for you. The design is simple but full of furniture for each area of ​​the house. All are arranged appropriately and according to the needs of Ms. Hong Linh.

1. Design requirements.

  • Modern style design, optimized graphic interior tool
  • Use basic, gentle colors that are not too bright
  • Design area: living room, bedroom, kitchen.

2. Apartment floor plan.

sora gardens apartment plan 3 bedrooms model z6

3. Details of each area in the apartment

3.1. The living room’s interior.

The room TV shelf is designed with a new design so that you can decorate your home items or some favorite books. The white sofa made of felt fabric will be a place for you to relax watching your favorite movies, read your favorite books, or sip a few cups of tea and watch the city from the balcony.

TV shelf for living room 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z6
TV shelf in the living room.
Sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment living room furniture z6
Living room space.

3.2. Kitchen space.

The kitchen space is connected to the living room and separated by the dining table. That is a way to help your apartment look more airy and impressive.

The kitchen is designed with an L shape to combine town gray-white colors to create an elegant and luxurious beauty space.

interior of sora gardens 3 bedroom apartment model z6
View from the dining room table to the living room.
Sora gardens 3 bedroom apartment kitchen furniture model z6
Kitchen interior.

3.3. Master bedroom interior.

There is nothing more comfortable than being able to set foot in the bedroom that is designed according to your preferences after a long tiring day, helping to regenerate your energy.

This room is designed and arranged according to the preferences and requirements of Ms. Hong Linh.

master bedroom furniture sora gardens 3 bedroom apartment model z6
Master bedroom space.
interior design master bedroom 3 bedroom sala apartment model z6
Master bedroom furniture.

3.4. Bedroom interior design.

The next bedroom is designed simply with furniture such as a dressing table, bed, TV shelf and wardrobe.

The dressing table has a recessed design that can be turned into a desk. A full-ceiling design wardrobe may not hold many clothes.

bedroom furniture 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z6
Bedroom furniture.
Sora gardens apartment interior bedroom 3 bedrooms model z6
Bedroom interior design

3.5. The room is designed with blue as the main color, creating freshness for the room.

The last room in the design is also designed simply but still has all the furniture inside such as a wardrobe, bed, and TV shelf.

small bedroom furniture 3 bedroom apartment sora gardens model z6
The bedroom space is simple and light, creating a sense of relaxation.
interior design of a small bedroom apartment sora gardens
Small bedroom interior.

4. Conclusion.

The interior of the apartment is designed simply but still retains the elegant beauty, with full furniture in the house in accordance with the current design trends. This design is very suitable for those who love simplicity and families with 5-6 members.

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Thank you for your interest in the article.