Project: Sora Gardens II Apartment
Client: Ms. Lan Anh
Price: Contact – 0937767337
Area: 73,04m2
Style: Modern

The Sora Gardens 2 project is known to have a lot of potential today. Therefore, the preparation of furniture for your apartment is something that cannot be ignored. Therefore, Ms. Lan Anh’s family has put their trust and desire in On Home Asia to design their apartment. And here is the design for her apartment.

1. Design requirements.

  • Modern design style with elegant, elegant beauty
  • Use black as the main color
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, bedroom

2. Apartment floor plan.

sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment floor plan y7

3. Details of each area.

3.1. The living room’s interior.

She wants her apartment to be designed with a modern style but with luxurious and sophisticated beauty. In terms of overall color, the space gives you a warm feeling. But if you look closely, this color creates a fanciful and luxurious space.

The furniture products are arranged appropriately and the living room sofa set is placed next to the balcony that can catch the sun most naturally.

interior of sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y7
Space apartment

The long black sofa set will be the place where her family gathers to watch TV, chat, read, … creating a cozy atmosphere for family members.

In addition to such a simple interior layout, the main highlight is the Canvas painting that creates a great space for the living room.

living room interior of sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y7
Interior design of living room

3.2. Kitchen space.

This is a kitchen model designed specifically for Lan Anh. Because this kitchen is suitable for the modern woman with full functionality and convenience in the cooking process.

Sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment kitchen interior, model y7
Spacious L-shaped kitchen space

For the kitchen to have an accent, the black color in the lower kitchen cabinets is used by On Home Asia and has been combined with white to create beauty for the kitchen.

Interior design of the kitchen of the 2 bedroom apartment sora gardens, model y7
Kitchen space
Sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment interior kitchen, model y7
Kitchen interior

3.3. Master bedroom interior design.

The master bedroom is the place that shows the individuality of the homeowner. Furniture is made of materials of pretty good quality on the market today. The makeup table is designed into the wall to save space in the bedroom.

master bedroom interior of sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y7
Elegant bedroom interior design

The wardrobe is designed with the full ceiling, using glass doors to help you see what you find easy. The wardrobe system is fitted with a lighting system that both creates accents and provides adequate light for the cabinet system.

wardrobe master bedroom apartment sora gardens 2 bedrooms model y7
Simple wardrobe, space saving

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3.4. Small bedroom interior.

A space designed with your child’s interests in mind. With the background of the blue wall, there are some beautiful little clouds. Create a sky in your baby’s room.

The study table is designed close to the wall right by the window to help children have a comfortable study space full of light.

small bedroom furniture sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y7
Small bedroom furniture suitable for children
small bedroom furniture sora gardens 2 bedroom apartment model y7
Small bedroom space

4. Conclusion.

An apartment with a fanciful and luxurious design based on the requirements and preferences of Ms. Lan Anh creates a feeling of warmth and lightness. The interior of the apartment is very suitable for families with 3-4 members. And if this is your favorite design, please contact On Home Asia immediately!

Thank you for your interest in the article.