Project: Townhouse in Ben Cat
Customer: Ms. Dung Tran
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Design style: Modern

The Interior of Ben Cat’s townhouse of Ms. Dung Tran’s family took the main idea from a modern interior style. Simplicity and comfort are the highlights that make up the personality of this design.

Modern interior style has been leading the trend with attractive beauty, simple but not monochromatic, boring. Moreover, modern furniture is also easy to apply in all types of houses such as apartments, and townhouses, …

Sincere thanks to Ms. Dung Tran for trusting and choosing On Home Asiato accompany her family. Your smiles and satisfaction are the motivation for On Home Asia to get better and better. Let take a look at the interior beauty of each of these model homes!

The living room space is simple but still luxurious

1. Design requirements.

Elegance is emphasized in the design.
  • She likes simplicity, modernity, and optimal usability.
  • The design of the baby’s bedroom is airy, and comfortable, with gentle, innocent colors.
  • The kitchen space is designed to be comfortable and cozy for family activities.

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3. Interior Space

Modern interior style often emphasizes minimalism from overall to detail. As well as focusing on smart, multi-function furniture.

In addition, the layout of the rooms is divided scientifically, saving space. Creating an ideal living space, neat, and comfortable, and bringing the very own look of the owner.

2.1. Design Image.

2.2. Realistic Image.

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Interior estimate

4. Customer reviews.

Ms. Dung said that the whole family is very satisfied with On Home Asia’sInterior Design. When she entered the house, she felt very surprised and excited. Because the space is as beautiful as the dream house she and her husband expected.

Her family would like to thank On Home Asia for their cooperation in building her home. Ms. Dung said that she was satisfied with the luxurious and cozy design of the living room.

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa
Designer Khanh Hoa

“Use passion and enthusiasm to contribute to the creation of excellent interior designs”. Ms. Hoa gave her sincere and enthusiastic consult with Ms. Dung. The original ideas in her mind were realistically drawn through Khanh Hoa’s design.

Ms. Dung likes simplicity and modernity and focuses on interior comfort and functionality. Khanh Hoa Designer has created a space in a modern interior style. The furniture is simple but still brings the impression, of luxury, and comfort.

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