Project: An Lap Townhouse – Dau Tieng
Customer: Miss Phuong Anh
Designer: Kim Ngan
Style: Modern

Modern-style townhouse interiors harmoniously combined with the traditional beauty of Vietnamese architecture. Bringing a completely new living space, lighter and more comfortable than ever. That’s all that describes the interior project of An Lap townhouse Ms. Phuong Anh.

The sophisticated design lines have helped the house exude a gentle and luxurious beauty. The attractive feature of this furniture is the simplicity of lines and colors that hit the eye. And arranged scientifically in each kitchen and living room space.

Thank you to Phuong Anh’s family for trusting and choosing to accompany On Home Asia during the past time. Let take a look at the interior beauty of each of these model homes!

An Lap Townhouse - Miss Phuong Anh

1. Design requirements

  • Miss Phuong Anh likes the modernity and beauty of traditional Vietnamese architecture.
  • Using high-quality natural wood materials, creating luxury, modernity and comfort.
  • Construction – design area: Living room (decorative cabinet), kitchen space.

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3. Interior Space

The kitchen and living space are designed in a modern style. Combining the traditional architecture boldly ancient Vietnam. Create a luxurious, cozy, full of atmosphere for the space.

A living room decorative cabinet made from warm natural wood, impressive design every line. Mixing with the warmth from the kitchen corner. Creating an overall comfortable, modern and luxurious townhouse interior.

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3. Customer feedback.

An Lap Townhouse - Miss Phuong AnhOn Home Asia handed over furniture and sent congratulatory gifts to Miss Phuong Anh.

Miss Phuong Anh said she was very satisfied with the townhouse interior in each space. She is very happy to accompany On Home Asia to build a family home.

She highly appreciates On Home Asia’s customer care service. OHA has brought her a feeling of closeness, comfort and respect. She is very grateful to OHA’s dedication and thoughtfulness during the completion of the project.

4. Design inspiration.

Design inspiration of Ms. Kim Ngan
Kim Ngan Designer

The beauty of interior architecture comes from the simplest things. As required for a comfortable and luxurious housing space. But still bearing bold Vietnamese architectural beauty of Phuong Anh. I advised her to use natural wood, rustic but delicate design. This design has hit the eye, creating a cozy feeling from color to every line.

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