Dự án: Ecolakes Townhouse
Customer: Mr. Cong Anh
Designer: Hoang Minh
Style: Modern


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The interior of Ecolakes townhouses has a modern style with extremely simple and streamlined lines. The interior is arranged in a harmonious way, creating a warm space for the owner. Neutral colors are used mainly in this design. Because of that, the house becomes light but no less luxurious.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Cong Anh’s family for trusting and choosing On Home Asia to accompany your family to build a home. Your smiles and satisfaction are the motivation for On Home Asia to get better and better. Let’s admire the beauty of this modern and comfortable interior space!

1. Design requirements.

  • Light, delicate, and modern colors.
  • Each space is designed with its own color to create accents but still harmonize overall.
  • The bunk bed bedroom design is safe, comfortable, and airy for the children.
  • Construction space: Kitchen, children bedroom, common bedroom.

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3. Interior Space

2.1. Design Image.

2.2. Realistic Image.

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4. Customer reviews.

The Ecolakes townhouse interior – Mr. Cong Anh
On Home Asia hands over and presents flowers to customers to congratulate new homes.

Mr. Phan Cong Anh is very satisfied with the design, and each space of the house after construction is very satisfied with his family. He also said that he really liked On Home Asia’s enthusiastic, attentive, and friendly service and advice.

This townhouse interior design gives his family coziness, convenience, and comfort. He loves designing the bedroom for his two children, which is both bright, safe, and comfortable. His family is very satisfied when choosing On Home Asia and thanks a lot to the company team.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Hoang Minh

In my opinion, the Interior is not only an art but also creates spiritual value for each individual. Each design will have its own voice and look.

So when I received the wishes and requests of Mr. Cong Anh’s family. I accompanied his family to sketch the first strokes. Then create a modern space with light colors, but still full of amenities and luxury.

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