Project: Townhouse
Client: Mrs. Thuy’s family
Designer: Manh Cuong
Area: 26 m2
Style: Modern

“The fastest way to conquer a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This is the secret but also the legendary saying that every woman has heard. But to do this, the first effective assistant you need to own is a well-rounded kitchen. And recently, On Home Asia had time to discuss the interior of the townhouse kitchen for Ms. Thuy’s family to celebrate Tet.

Please take a look at this kitchen design!

1. Design requirements.

  • Design kitchen furniture by the overall house, creating an airy space for the kitchen.
  • Using oak colors, creative tones are similar to the house.
  • Design area: the kitchen.

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2. Kitchen interior details.

The kitchen is used oak colors, using bright colors to match the overall house. The simple L-shaped kitchen design brings modernity and convenience to the space. Due to the need for use, Mrs. Thuy’s family chose to install a gas stove instead of an induction cooker as shown in the design.

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Interior estimate

3. Customer feedback.

Mrs. Thuy's family

Mrs. Thuy is very happy to hand over the interior to her family, from reality to drawings all the same. Mrs. Thuy is very happy to hand over the interior to her family, from reality to drawings all the same. Thank On Home Asia.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Mạnh Cường

Because Mrs. Thuy’s family already has the interior design of the townhouse only the kitchen interior design is required. Mr. Manh Cuong Based on the oak color and bright colors already available in the house to be able to design a kitchen similar to the customer’s interior.

Coming to On Home Asia, you will immediately have a kitchen that from size, materials, color to each drawer position is personalized according to living habits. Of course, they are all designed based on a solid structure and sound scientific principles.

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