Client:Ms. Hiep
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Area: Updating
Location: Thu Dau Mot

1. Details.

  • Investor: Ms. Hiep.
  • Project: Townhouse – Thu Dau Mot – Binh Duong.
  • Design type: 1 ground floor 1 floor, 3 bedrooms.
  • Design style: Modern style.

2. Modern and luxurious kitchen interior.

Taking the ideal color scheme in interior design such as green-brown wood has made the division of each kitchen space more optimal.

Interior design of a kitchen in a 3-bedroom townhouse
Kitchen cabinets with light blue create a fresh space for the kitchen.
Interior of 3 bedroom townhouse kitchen
The 8-seater dining table set with pure white creates an elegant beauty.

3. Modern living room design with white color.

The living room sofa uses Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) leather material has made the interior smooth and gentle for this space. The living room wall uses lamellar with imitation stone plastic material. Make the space have accents, and freshness.

Interior of 3 bedroom townhouse
The living room is spacious and airy.
Interior of living room in 3 bedroom townhouse
Condenser shelves with modern design create comfort for the house.

4. Luxury Master bedroom interior.

The interior layout and the use of natural light have helped the bedroom space to be airy and comfortable for the owner.

Master bedroom townhouse interior
Luxurious space full of amenities
Bedroom furniture for Ms. Hiep's 3-storey townhouse
The room is painted in an elegant white color.

5. Simple and gentle small bedroom design.

Although the area is compact, the interior still ensures the function of each furniture product.

Bedroom furniture for grandparents
The bedroom furniture is fully furnished.
Interior of a beautiful bedroom in a 3-storey townhouse
The airy bedroom space helps homeowners get a deeper sleep.

6. Pink bedroom for girls.

The girl’s bedroom is designed simply, pink creates a fresh feeling.

Children's bedroom furniture of the townhouse
Cute little pink bedroom design.
Beautiful bedroom furniture for children
The room is designed for 2 children.

7. Design the worship room.

The subtlety of the lines has helped the space become streamlined and optimized. Use harmonious, light colors to make the church room airier for the space.

The interior of the church room of Ms. Hiep's house
The space of the worship room is simple and peaceful.


The interior design in a modern style makes the interior space attractive and impressive. If you have a need for design advice, please contact On Home Asia immediately for the support!

Thank you for reading!