Project:Townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor
Client: Anh Sang
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Acreage: 130m2
Style: Scandinavia và Tropical

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1. Design requirements.

  • Scandinavian and Tropical design style, multi-purpose furniture brings convenience and comfort to users.
  • Use neutral, light colors to create a spacious, airy space.
  • Design – construction area: living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms.

2. Floor plan of the house.

Ground floor plan of Mr. Sang townhouse
Ground floor premises.
2nd floor plan of Mr. Sang townhouse
Floor plan.

3. Details of each area in the house.

Không gian phòng khách.

The interior design of the living room with bright colors makes the space comfortable, and sophisticated and has a very different attraction.

Living room interior of Mr. Sang's townhouse
An ideal space for the family to gather together.

Nội thất phòng bếp.

The special feature of this kitchen model is the sophistication through each line and the combination of colors in this space. The kitchen is designed in the form of an L-shaped kitchen, which is compact but still fully functional.

Interior kitchen of Anh Sang's townhouse
The kitchen is designed in an I shape with kitchen cabinets made of high quality materials.
Dining table with townhouse furniture
The dining table set includes 6 chairs made of high quality wood.

3.3. Master bedroom interior.

The color scheme and interior materials have made the space delicate and harmonious. Looking at the space will feel comfort and smoothness, bringing good sleep.

The room is designed simply but extremely comfortable to bring comfort to the owner.
Master bedroom interior of Mr. Sang's townhouse
The wardrobe is designed in a pull-out design to save space.

3.2. Small bedroom area.

Although simple, it still ensures the function of the product. There is a bed, a wardrobe, and a study table for children. The design lines all make the space have sophistication, harmonious lines, and streamlined interior products.

Small bedroom interior of Mr. Sang's townhouse
Each room is designed based on personal preferences to help create a good night’s sleep and recharge after a long day of activities.
Interior of a small bedroom in Mr. Sang's townhouse
Small bedroom interior.

4. Conclusion.

The interior designof the 1 ground floor 1 floor townhouse is designed with a combination of Scandinavian and Tropical styles to create a new look for the house. The interior is designed based on the unity and preferences of each member of his family. On Home Asia always wants to bring personalized products to each customer.

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