Project: Townhouse in Phu Giao
Customer: Mr. Nhat Tien
Designer: Vi Phong
Area: 85.9m2
Style: Modern
Mr. Nhat Tien and his wife live in a townhouse in Phu Giao, Binh Duong. The house has an area of ​​the ground floor is 65.3m2, the mezzanine is 20.6m2. They came to On Home Asia with the need to renovate the existing house into a new space. They want a more modern living space to serve the needs of a better life.
After a period of concept, design and construction. Today On Home Asia officially handed over the finished interior to Mr. Tien’s family. And received positive and objective reviews from him and his family. Let’s take a tour around Phu Giao townhouse of Mr. Nhat Tien!

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Interior quote1/Design requirements

  • Interior design with modern style, suitable for the actual Master plan.
  • The interior emphasizes minimalism and compactness.
  • Subtle colors, exuding luxury beauty.

2/ Furniture space

This interior design has a modern beauty, with extremely luxurious white gray colors. The space of the townhouse exudes an extremely attractive beauty. And a very unique personality color of the young generation.

Materials such as industrial wood, sharp metal combined with soft felt fabric, delicate lights. All of them enhance the beauty of the overall living space of Mr. Nhat Tien’s family.

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Interior estimate3/ Customer reviews

4. Design inspiration.

4/Design Inspiration of Mr. Vi Phong

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