Project: Townhouse – Tan An
Customer: Mr. Minh Duong
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Design style: Modern

Interior design of Anh Minh Duong townhouse uses Modern style as the main idea. Accordingly, it is the “smooth” harmony of the quintessential beauty of Vietnamese interior architecture and modern interior design beauty. All this created a modern, cozy and luxurious townhouse space with a very distinct personality.

And sincerely thank you and your family for trusting to choose. As well as giving the opportunity for On Home Asia to accompany you to build a home with you. Your smile and satisfaction will be the motivation to encourage On Home Asia to become better and better.

Let’s take a look at the interior beauty of each of these model homes!

Tan An Town House - Mr. Minh Duong
The space beats the elegance, filled with the warmth of Mr. Minh Duong’s family

1. Design requirements.

  • Minh Duong wishes to have a modern and airy space.
  • Prioritize convenience for family activities.
  • The space brings closeness and warmth, contributing to dispelling fatigue after a long day of work.
  • They like the modern, rustic but still luxurious and impressive.
Tan An Town House - Mr. Minh Duong
Minh Duong and his wife want an ideal, cozy and comfortable living space

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3. Interior Space

Based on the wishes of Mr. Duong’s family, On Home Asia together with them created a perfect space. With modern interior design and quiet wood as the main theme.

The space appears with luxury and class but still has a rustic and modern look. It is a “mellow” blend of Vietnamese architectural quintessence and modern interior beauty.

Beauty is not only in each piece of furniture but also in its symbolic meaning. This design has successfully created with a family kitchen, and a warm family fire.

2.1. Design Image.

2.2. Realistic Image.

The realistic photos of luxurious, warm, and family-friendly interiors.

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4. Customer reviews.

This townhouse interior design gives his family a lot of emotions. Mr. Duong said that he was very satisfied with this interior space, from the color to every detail.

He also said that the living room is the space he like most. This is the place for his family to spend the most joyful moments of laughter. Especially the design of the wine cabinet has helped the living room to be luxurious, personal, and bring a new level.

He thanked On Home Asia for the professional, enthusiastic and dedicated service. Above all, the results brought by the company have been very successful, creating a cozy, comfortable, very satisfactory atmosphere.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa
Designer Khanh Hoa

“Use passion and enthusiasm to contribute to the creation of excellent interior designs”. I always do my best to advise and share the most suitable interior style for customers. As well as always meticulous in every drawing, every design detail for Minh Duong’s house.

They want a luxurious, modern, and comfortable home space for all family activities. So I advised to use high quality natural wood as the main material and design in a Modern style. The yellow light brings warmth and luxury while maintaining a modern and sophisticated look to the space.

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