Project: The Boy’s Bedroom
Customer: Ms. Diem Huong
Designer: Ms. Kim Ngan
Area: 20m2
Style: Modern

The bedroom space is not only a place to rest, study, and play but also a private space to warm the whole childhood of the baby. So it is important and necessary to invest in the best possible things for your baby’s childhood.

And Ms. Diem Huong came to On Home Asia to design a smart space according to the cute interests of her two children.

1/Design requirements

  • Use blue as the main color because this is the color that the two children love the most
  • Interior Designwith enough space to study, play and rest in 1 room

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Interior quote 2/ Furniture space

Using blue as the main color, adding a little yellow helps the room become brighter, more dynamic and liberal.

Featured with a smart bunk bed design with a slide to play for only 2 children. Smart designs help save space for the whole room, avoiding the secret that affects the development of children.

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4/ Design Inspiration3/ Customer reviews

Handing over the bedroom interior of Ms. Diem Huong

Having cute and safe learning, play and rest space for her baby is her top wish, she is very happy to have given this meaningful gift to her children.

4/ Design inspiration

Design inspiration of Ms. Kim Ngan

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