Project: Townhouse – North Tan Uyen
Client: Mrs. Bich Van
Designer: Hoang Minh
Area: 120 m2
Style: Modern

In mid-2021, Bich Van was introduced to On Home Asia by a close friend, one of the interior design and consultants in Binh Duong. Ms. Van found and immediately contacted On Home Asia to design the interior of her townhouse in Tan Uyen together with On Home Asia.

To learn more about this interior design, On Home Asia invites you to follow the article below to see what this house has to offer!

1. Design requirements of Mrs. Bich Van.

  • Mrs. Bich Van likes freshness and ventilation, so she chose a modern style for her house.
  • Because she loves to cook for her family, she pays special attention to the kitchen space and must fully meet the needs of her wishes.
  • The bedroom is designed to meet the full range of functions.
  • The use of bright colors has created attraction and impression.
  • Design area: living room, kitchen, bedroom, worship room.

2. Video of the interior of the house in Mrs. Bich Van.

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3. Interior of townhouses by area.

3.1. The living room’s interior.

Overall, the apartment has used bright, gentle colors to make the interior of the living room airier. The use of color has also created the cohesion of the entire space together. The harmony of lines and materials has made the space more prominent.

The living room walls all use wallpaper with light colors to help optimize the space. In addition to the wall, Van’s family wants to decorate and create the living room panel with a large wall with delicate lines.

The living room sofa set is selected according to the L-shaped design so that the family can sit and talk together more conveniently. The decorative cabinet system is designed quite simply with many scissors to help Van’s family store small objects.

3.2. Kitchen interior.

The highlight of this kitchen cabinet system is the full ceiling design to maximize the use of the product. The kitchen cabinet system has many compartments to help Mrs. Van have the ability to store the necessary items for the kitchen.

Stone countertops for the kitchen space are used safe materials and delicate pattern lines. In addition, kitchen accessories are used as high-quality materials to help increase the value of the kitchen space.

The process of interior construction for Mrs. Van’s kitchen is very special, her kitchen is 950mm high compared to the height of other modern kitchens.

3.3. Bedroom interior.

The master bedroom is designed simply and uses neutral colors to create a feeling of comfort, freshness, and warmth. The bed is used An Cuong wood material to create solidity and sophistication through each line.

The small bedroom uses gentle colors to create a feeling of comfort for children, helping them increase creativity and brain development. The interior design of the apartment is fully equipped for you.


4. Customer reviews.

Mrs. Bich Van feels very satisfied with the service that On Home Asia provides. The company’s service for her is very professional and responds to her wishes very thoughtfully and quickly. After the second week, she immediately received the interior design and she was extremely satisfied with the dedication of the design department for her family. That’s why she believes in On Home Asia when collaborating to complete the interior of her apartment.

5. Design inspiration.

Designer Hoang Minh

Hoang Minh is the one who came up with ideas and concepts based on her wishes and is the main designer for this design. Minh designed and completed this design with his enthusiasm and dedication to Mrs. Van.

With the experience of implementing the interior design of townhouses for many customers, Mr. Minh has achieved more than 95% of the wishes that you have wanted for his house interior.

He feels lucky and extremely satisfied because Ms. Van’s family has trusted and accompanied On Home Asia for the last time.

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