Project: Thuan An Townhouse
Client: Mr. Dang Hung
Designer: Khanh Hoa
Area: 198 m2
Style: Modern
The interior of this townhouse On Home Asia handed over is a bit special because it is both a house and an office. This special combination creates a distinct beauty that is both serious and cozy. Thank you for trusting and choosing to accompany us throughout the past journey.

1. Design requirements.

  • Modern design style combined with neoclassical style.
  • The living room space is designed in the form of an office, with space to receive guests.
  • Construction design area: living room, kitchen, bedroom.

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2. Interior space of townhouses.

The interior of this townhouse has something special because it is both a house and an office. The owner has taken advantage of the space in front as both a living room and a family business.

The house is designed in neoclassical and modern style. The living room and kitchen space are both used natural wood to add value to the space. For 2 bedrooms designed with modern rooms are based on the preferences of the son and daughter of Mr. Hưng

Please take a look at the design!

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Please take a look at the design!

Mr. Hung is very satisfied with the interior design of this Thuan An townhouse. The house is designed based on the individual preferences of each family member. You work also very dedicated, attentive to answer all difficult questions for customers.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Hoa

The main designer for this townhouse is Ms. Khanh Hoa. The house shows the personalization of each family member, which is most clearly shown through the 2 bedrooms of Mr. Hung’s son and daughter. Not only design, Mrs. Khanh Hoa always monitors until the project is completed.

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