Client: Mrs. Thuy
Rate: Contact 0937 76 73 37
Area: 288m2
Location: Sun Casa townhouse

Recently, On Home Asia has just completed the interior design project of Sun Casa townhouse. This time the customer that On Home Asia’s staff is accompanied by is Mrs. Thuy’s family. Her family’s Sun Casa townhouse is designed in a modern style, with high-class furniture with many sophisticated details to create a luxurious beauty for the house.

Let’s take a look at this townhouse interior design sample!

A 360-degree image of the interior of the townhouse of Ms. Thuy’s family – Sun Casa. Project

Click on the square in the left corner of the image to see the full view, you can zoom in or zoom out for the best experience.

1. Living room interior design of Sun Casa townhouse.

The main color of the house in general and the living room in particular is a combination of different types of wood. In order for the living room not to be darkened by the dark brown wood, the sofa combined with the light color wall helps to make the space more harmonious and bright.

The system of ceiling lights and chandeliers has a stylish design to help the living room have a classic look.

luxury modern townhouse design
Modern and luxurious townhouse living room design
beautiful townhouse living room design
Luxurious and warm space with natural wood brown color
Sun Casa's living room interior
Open space between the living room and spacious kitchen

2. Comfortable and modern kitchen interior design

The kitchen with the L-shaped design does not take up much space. However, the system of full-ceiling kitchen cabinets helps you have enough space to store necessary items.

The cooking area has a window and is close to the back door for ventilation. The layout of the kitchen helps limit odors during the cooking process.

The dining table has a simple design, ensuring its use and acting as a small partition between the living room and the kitchen.

modern kitchen design
Modern kitchen design
Kitchen interior
Kitchen interior

3. Interior of Master bedroom of Sun Casa townhouse

With the spacious space of the Master bedroom, the interior is fully functional. Interior details are focused in the design, decorative items such as hanging lamps and vases give the bedroom space a luxurious beauty and a relaxing feeling.

Besides warm colors, the master bedroom also has 2 windows to help the room receive natural light, brightening the whole room.

Luxury bedroom interior design
Luxury bedroom interior design with warm colors
townhouse bedroom interior
Living room interior in Sun Casa townhouse
Sun Casa's townhouse interior
The interior of the bedroom uses a lot of glass to increase the shimmering beauty of the room

4. Boy’s bedroom interior with dynamic blue color

The boy’s bedroom has a smaller area but still has 2 airy windows. The system of bed, desk, and bookshelf is designed to connect to one side of the room, leaving a spacious space for children to play comfortably.

Interior design of a boy's bedroom
Interior design of a boy’s bedroom
boys bedroom interior
The wardrobe is full ceiling and spacious bookshelf
boy bedroom design
The interior design of a boy’s bedroom in bright colors

5. Interior design of a girl’s bedroom in gentle pink color

The light pastel color room combined with a simple, modern style and a few disruptive points in the interior brings a space that is both youthful and sophisticated.

pink interior design for girls
Pink interior design for girls
girl's bedroom design
Design a girl’s bedroom


Has the interior design of Sun Casa townhouse by Thuy’s family helped you find ideas for your house? If you need design consulting support from On Home Asia, please contact us immediately via the form below!