Client: Ms. Hoi Nguyen
Rate: Contact 0937 76 73 37
Acreage: 240m2
Location: Sun Casa townhouse

On Home Asia has just handed over the furniture of SunCasa townhouse to Ms. Hoi Nguyen. An epic project that we just completed. And this is the interior of Suncasa townhouse 1 ground 2 floors with a modern design style that brings elegant beauty to the house.

1. Customer’s design requirements.

  • Modern design with phnog optimizes all functions in the house.
  • Use white as the main color.
  • Construction area: living room, kitchen, bedroom.

2. Floor plan of townhouse.

ground floor plan of sister town house
Ground floor premises.
Floor plan of the 1st floor of the town house of Mrs. Hoi Nguyen
Floor plan 1st floor.
Floor plan of the 2nd floor of Ms. Hoi Nguyen townhouse
Floor plan 2st floor.

3. Details of each area.

Không gian phòng khách.

Entering the house, you will immediately see the living room space. Ms. Nguyen chooses a modern and simple interior style, but still has to bring a feeling of warmth and comfort.
Felt fabric sofa set with basic gray and white tones. Gives a very clean, neat feeling. The TV shelf was designed by On Home Asia at the foot of the stairs. Instead of having to put a lot of furniture, the brown wooden slat has taken over the job of shielding the under-stairs from being eye-catching. It helps to save space while creating aesthetics for the whole living room space.
The sofa set in my living room is restored
It helps to save space while creating aesthetics for the whole living room space. Body Gray sofa set in the living room.
sofa furniture in the living room of Ms. Hoi Nguyen town house
Living room space.
TV shelf in the living room of my sister's house
The TV shelf is designed at the foot of the stairs to save space.
The living room space of her townhouse is restored
TV shelf in the living room.
TV shelf in the living room, the interior of Ms. Nguyen's house
The foot of the stairs is used as a multi-purpose TV shelf.
sofa in the living room of my sister's townhouse
Living room space.

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3.2. Interior of kitchen + dining table.

To match the structure of the townhouse, On Home Asia uses an I-shaped kitchen with the highlight of a modern detached kitchen island. From the structure of the drawers, to the height of the kitchen, are designed according to the living habits of the owner.
Kitchen interior of Hoi Nguyen's house
The kitchen is designed in the shape of an I.
The interior of my kitchen is restored
The lighting system is fully installed to provide enough light for the kitchen space.
Kitchen interior of Mrs.Nguyen's townhouse
Modern kitchen space.
Kitchen area, interior of Ms. Hoi Nguyen town house
A kitchen space captivates the viewer.

The kitchen space uses luxurious gray tones to show the high-class aesthetic of the homeowner. The equipment from electronics to accessories has also been fully equipped by On Home Asia, all you need to do is bring your suitcase in and stay.

Kitchen interior of my to the townhouse
Kitchen interior.
dining table and furniture in the kitchen of Ms. Nguyen's house
The 4-seater dining table set with pure white color matches the kitchen space.
Kitchen furniture
Kitchen area.

3.3. Master bedroom interior.

Towards scientific beauty, enhancing the quality of life of users. So the bedroom space is divided into 3 small areas.
The first is the sofa rest area and desk, here will help you have private relaxing moments in your own room.
townhouse bedroom space
Bedroom space.

Next will come the bed area, the bed here has been designed according to the standard size of Vietnamese people. And of course, from wood materials to pillows, mattresses are all quality products with clear origin. Absolutely safe for the health of consumers.

Next to the bed will be a dressing space. Here, the owner is equipped with a full-ceiling wardrobe with a large capacity, ensuring that it will be enough for you to store a lot of personal items. And with this beautiful design, no one will be able to resist its attractiveness, right?
townhouse bedroom furniture
Bedroom interior.
bedroom wardrobe
Luxury designer wardrobe.

4. Conclusion

The townhouse belongs to the Suncasa project with fully furnished furniture, ensuring a safe and quality living environment for you. And the apartment is being rented by the owner, immediately contact OHA for advice.
Thank you for your interest in the article.