Client: Mr. Tan Ban
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Area: Updating
Location: Thu Dau Mot

1. Details.

  • Investor: Mr. Le Tan Ban
  • Project: Townhouse – Thu Dau Mot – Binh Duong
  • Design type: 1 ground floor, 1 floor, 2 bedrooms
  • Design style: Modern style

2. The living room space is connected to the kitchen.

Interior of townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor
The kitchen space is designed with an open space connecting the living room to help the house become airy.

3. Exquisite and gentle living room interior design.

Interior of the kitchen of the townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor
The round dining table helps to divide the area between the living room and the kitchen.

4. Office furniture.

Interior design of townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor
A quiet, comfortable space helps increase efficiency.

5. Bedroom interior design.

Bedroom furniture in townhouse 1 ground floor 1 floor
Bedroom with luxurious design, according to the needs of the owner.
Interior design of a bedroom in a townhouse 1 ground 1 floor
The small bedroom, although designed simply, does not make the viewer can take their eyes off.

6. Living room furniture.

Interior of church room 1 ground floor 1 floor 1
Space is arranged by an elegant gray sofa set.