Project: Hiep Thanh Town House
Customer: Mr. Duc Tu
Designer: Manh Cuong
Style: Modern
The beauty of a space is not made from the value of each decorative item or each brick or lamp, but simply the value it brings to the user. There may be no need to be sophisticated, just gentle and delicate enough to satisfy the whole family. When the heart feels satisfied and full, this will be the most perfect living space.
Thank Mr. Duc Tu for trusting and choosing to accompany On Home Asia during the past time.

1. Design requirements.

  • Design in modern style.
  • Using white as the main color creates a sophisticated and modern living space
  • Construction design area: The living room, kitchen, master bedroom, small bedroom, and home office.

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Interior quote

2. Interior space of townhouses.

The house is designed in a modern style with flexible design lines. Using white is the main color to create a delicate and bright living space.

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4/ Design Inspiration

3. Review of Mr. Duc Tu.

Handing over furniture of Mr. Duc Tu's town house

I feels very happy to be accompanying On Home Asia to build his home. Thank for OHA’s dedication and thoughtfulness during the completion of the project. He is very satisfied withthe interior design of this town house.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Mạnh Cường

Manh Cuong is the main designer for Mr. Duc Tu’s apartment. He closely followed and supported her from concept to construction. Thiết kế nội thất nhà phố của gia đình anh Tú được thiết kế theo phong cách hiện đại kết hợp với gam màu trắng chủ đạo đã tạo nên sự tinh tế, tươi sáng cho căn nhà.

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