Client: Mr. Trung Tuyen
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Area: 163m2
Location: Phu Hoa, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

1 ground and 2 floors townhouse are the most popular type of housing today. Because not only owns an expensive street surface, but also concentrates on busy streets.

Townhouses usually have a fairly large area, besides when completing and handing over the house, the owner must furnish the house by himself. But for a large space, interior design becomes extremely difficult Therefore, finding a package interior design unit is considered the most effective solution

If you are in need of interior design for townhouses and are looking for more information, this article is for you. Let’s follow this article with On Home Asia!

The article is the actual image of the townhouse interior of Mr. Trung Tuyen. The house has just been completed and handed over by On Home Asia.

1. Interior design of modern living room of a townhouse 1 ground 2 floors in Binh Duong

Overall, the living room space can be seen as designed in an open space. The interior of the living room of the house is neatly arranged. Therefore, the room area seems to become more wide and clear.

The main highlight is the striking little yellow tea table. Although not too fussy, it seems to be able to attract all eyes when looking at it.

“Impressive” and “luxurious” are the two exact words used to describe the perfect beauty of this room.

Interior design of living room in Phu Hoa townhouse
Luxury living room interior of townhouse.
Luxury living room of townhouse 1 ground 2 floors
The luxurious living room of Mr. Trung Tuyen’s house

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2. Modern and smart townhouse kitchen interior design

Kitchen with a design that makes the most of natural light. Help the room become modern and create a comfortable feeling for the homeowner when entering the kitchen.

The furniture used is the best quality products from the leading prestigious furniture brands in Vietnam.

Modern and smart kitchen interior of the townhouse 1 ground 2 floors
Modern and smart kitchen interior.

Kitchen interior design in Phu Hoa townhouse

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3. Bedroom interior design of a modern townhouse

With turquoise tones mixed with the black color of the bookshelf in the bedroom, it makes the room feel cool and comfortable.

Usually cool tones are used more often than light tones. This actual image proves that the bedroom using cold colors is the best choice.

Bedroom furniture in townhouse 1 ground 2 floors
Bedroom furniture in townhouse 1 ground 2 floors.
Bookshelf of the townhouse
Bookshelf of the townhouse

4. Conclusion

On Home Asia is a unit that receives full interior design and a lifetime warranty for customers.

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