Project: Townhouse in Ben Cat
Client: Mr. Huy Binh
Designer: Hoang Minh
Area: 450 m2
Style: Modern
The interior is considered soul in each house so the adornment for living space is considered necessary and most important. Recently, On Home Asia has completed and handed over the townhouse interior in Ben Cat to Mr. Huy Binh.
And below is the interior design of Mr. Binh’s townhouse, invite you to see it!

1. Design requirements.

  • The room is designed with modern styles that still exude luxurious looks through color use.
  • Luxury space creates a cozy feeling for the house. The interior is reasonably arranged in accordance with each space, optimization of all the features to make the user convenient.
  • most common Design, construction area: kitchen, living room, bedroom.

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3. Interior Space

With Mr. Huy Binh, his home must have 3 basic things: warm, delicate and close links. In addition to scientific design, optimal personalization, the selection of materials is also very important.
With the advantage of diverse colors, materials, moisture resistance and certain water,… Industrial wood is a material that is prioritized to choose to use throughout the space.
Moreover, the color of naturally brown wood not only brings a warm feeling with the fullness of the calm luxury beauty that his family aims to.

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Interior estimate

4. Customer reviews.

I feel very happy to accompany and work with On Home Asia. Customer service team who are very dedicated and attentive to be ready to answer any questions at any time Thank you On Home Asia for helping me have a great living space.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Hoang Minh

Mr. Hoang Minh is the one who goes to the idea, Concept-based on Mr. Binh’s wishes. And also the main designer for this design. Mr. Minh has designed and completed this design with his enthusiasm with Mr. Binh.

As an experienced designer, Mr. Minh has created the perfect interior design to satisfy Mr. Binh’s family.

He felt lucky and extremely pleased because Ms. Binh’s family trusted, accompanied by On Home Asia all the time.

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