Project: Townhouse in Ben Cat
Client: Mr. Doan Bot
Designer: Tong Khanh Linh
Area: 75 m2
Style: Modern

Recently, On Home Asia handed over the furniture of the townhouse to Mr. Doan Bot in Ben Cat. On Home Asia has increased to full capacity to be able to complete the house so that he can celebrate the Lunar New Year in his new living space. Thank Mr. Bot for trusting and choosing On Home Asia. Please take a look at the interior design of Mr. Doan Bot’s townhouse!

1. Design requirements.

  • Using blue as the main color creates a sense of peace in the space.
  • Thiết kế với phong cách hiện đại đem đến sự tiện nghi cho gia chủ.
  • Design space: living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

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3. Interior Space

The house used blue tones typical for cold tones. Therefore, when combined with metal materials – industrial products, blue adds to the modern look of the interior space. The “cold” of the metal along with the green of the wall has somewhat reduced the “fire” of the kitchen but still retains a moderate warmth. The interior design of the townhouse with modern style, and faithful color has knocked out the beauty of the house.

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4. Customer reviews.

Mr. Doan Bot feels very happy to accompany On Home Asia in the process of creating his own living space. The staff is always dedicated to consulting all difficulties for Mr. Bot from design to construction. The main designer always listens and edits the design according to his needs. Thank you very much On Home Asia for accompanying Interior Design for my family.

4. Design inspiration.

Designer Khanh Linh

The main designer for this design is Ms. Khanh Linh, who worked with Mr. Bot from the concept, concept, to the complete design. During the construction process, Ms. Linh also monitors and observes every detail of the apartment until the project is completed.
It is because of Ms. Linh’s thoughtfulness and dedication as well as experience in interior design for many projects that during the process of working with Mr. Bot, the project has been completely completed from design to construction. Therefore, Mr. Bot feels very lucky and confident when choosing On Home Asia as his interior.
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